Monday, June 02, 2008

May Days

hey again! i finally got my laptop back today, and one of the first things on my list was updating my blog! these are the gorgeous roses ben sent me a few weeks ago. they smelled awesome, and i loved so much greenery. they are usually skimpy on the greens, and then it ends up looking stark with just stalks sticking up in a vase. ;-)

tracie and i scrapbooking. it's nice having someone to craft with! are you ready for some more scrapboking fun, tracie?! :-D megan, when you come we have to do something crafty together! it's been way too long, and i don't know about you, but i feel very deprived without you to paint and chat with. always paintbrushes in hand, right? ;-)

arianna loves her food chair. she always walks right to it, sits down, and pulls the tray over her. cute. she is playing with bubbles in this pic. she says bubbles so sweet. it's how seth used to but in a feminine way! a girlie girl.

mom helping arianna pet crystal, my cat. arianna is pretty gentle with her, but sometimes she can be rough without realizing it. crystal is good, though. very well-behaved. yep, that's my cat!

self-pic of me. a new shirt, wearing makeup, and the perfect lipstick. i actually found one that matches my exact lip color! yay! took forever........ but worth it. :-)

mommy and me pic. isn't it sweet?! tonya looks great in that shirt and her new chic haircut.

look look megan! i painted!!! YAY! i did it for ben so he could have something bright in his bland place. i can't believe i painted. it did take me a few weeks, but who cares?! it was fun, and i felt like me again.

ok that's it. i am currently volunteering at the library and online for G-PACT (that's for gastroparesis awareness). so if y'all would like to buy a G-PACT sticker for your car..... just be my guest.... :-D i got one for our car and for mom's. i wasn't sure if all y'all wanted to so i didn't buy more. i'll be starting therapy this week so prayers would be appreciated! in a week or two i'll be weaning off my TPN which means i would go down to 6 bags a day etc....
can't wait to see adam, megan, seth, and jared soon!!! counting down the days.
k, y'all take care.


Megan said...

Beautiful roses. Cute Arianna. Maria you look so young and sweet in that picture! Ben needs it :) I LOVE Marvin; aren't cartoons fun? I'm glad you're staying busy and crafty! We'll see you all in a couple of weeks!

Maria said...

young??? i hope you meant in a mature way! :-P (if there is such a way..... ;-)

Ben said...

I like this edition of the blog.
I like my Marvin.

I miss my Maria!


Anonymous said...
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