Monday, January 14, 2008

Christmas and Flowers

sorry it took so long to update!
here's arianna looking adorable in her Christmas outfit. i pity photographers of babies!!! lol

the flowers ben sent me in the hospital. aren't they beautiful?! i still have them up, ben. they are lookin' good.

seth and jared doing silly pics. it's actually my fave pic of jared.

the flowers my church sent me for Christmas. i love the train. :-)

ben's mom and tracie. they came to visit me right before Christmas. :-)

why are the guys fascinated with my robochair?????

awwww. too cute

adam with his boys. go Duke! lol

so adorable!

another cutie.

i love this one of arianna reaching for the tree. she's walking now, by the way.

just for you, megan. :-)

wish i had more pics of everybody elseat Christmas.
even though i felt sick, i did have a good b-day! i got some cool things. :-)
thanx for all the prayers. i know that helped me and my family deal with it all. mom is getting pretty good at hooking me up to the TPN. you would be proud of her, ben. lol no, she really is doing it all perfectly. i'm so glad i'm getting some nutrition again. my new GI doc is really good.
well, y'all have a great day!


Mil said...

I know the feeling of having family for Christmas so I'm sure you enjoyed it so much especially with all the little ones there. We missed seeing you and Ben in the pics. Hope to see you soon.

Anonymous said...

Good pics. If its not too much trouble my neurologically challenged sibling, could you put pictures of mom and dad and you up some times so I can see what's happening every now and then. Maybe Aaron and Daniel too? I am having a hard time finding your present. Call me so we can talk about it.
The FL Watt

Megan said...

I can't believe Ariana is walking! It'll be summertime before you know it. All your pics are good...I love the Jared & "doggies" pic and your flowers:) I hope we can come back this summer for a stomach bug allowed!

Anonymous said...


(that's gonna sound so cheesy to everyone else)