Saturday, February 02, 2008

For Adam

ok, adam, here are the pics you requested. oh, and these are the flowers you and aaron got for me. don't they look exotic? i guess that's b/c they are. lol they have finally died. oh, they made my room smell so wonderful!

my nurse, karen. she is awesome!

dad's haircut.

daniel's new dog, tucker. he is a yorkie. isn't he cute?!


i like this one of tonya

so precious.........

i bought a black pearl necklace and a pearl ring with the b-day money from mom and dad. oh, and fiddler on the roof soundtrack!!!

i got a bead set with the michael's gift card from tracie's family. cool, huh?

you can see where my new PICC line is, ben! it's a good spot. my hair is getting so long.

only a year left to go, ben! woo hoo (as megan would say). lol

oh, scroll down to vote.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mer --Seth said he missed grandpa the most and your cat. hang in their and keep the pics coming.
From Adam

Megan said...

Yay Pictures! They are all good Mer. BEAD SET? Did you say BEAD SET? No fair!

Ben said...

That was an unfair poll, now my siblings are going to be hurt!

Maria, I miss your mismerising smile!
Wow, and all that hair flowing freely! I can't want to have it tickle my nose!

I love ya!

Maria said...

mesmerizing.... lol you, dad, and daniel with spelling. i tell ya.

you didn't have to tell who you voted for! :-D

love you, too :-)

Megan said...

UPDATE ME UPDATE ME UPDATE ME as lesley would say....