Monday, November 26, 2007


look look megan! i updated. you gave me the incentive i needed. these are the flowers mom got for me at tyler, texas. they were at a roadside stand - $2 for a dozen and you payed by the honor system. pretty cool, huh? they were sweetheart roses. aren't they beautiful?!

i had to put this on. mom was hiding behind us b/c she didn't want her pic taken. i look bug-eyed! lol it's a fun pic

thh dominoes jared set up. he got them pretty high! it was cool to watch him do it.

you can tell we were in the midst of packing. ben's mom and dad decided to look at a couple of books amid the rumble. lol

here's Womack hospital. it was just built. it has this revolving door at the entrance which can be a pain to get into esp. with harry!

we have gorgeous fall leaves this year. i had to take a pic for ben to see them, too.

well, that's it. i did catalougue all my books during the first 2 weeks, and i found out i have 1500 books like i thought. i also know what books i'm missing in series and what books i want to add. yes, i am still going to collect!
can't wait to see adam, megan, seth, and jared at Christmas!!! hurry up and get here already. ;-)


Megan said...

I LOVE those roses. And the pics of Ben's parents reading books LOL I would have done the same thing! So which books do you need Mer? Christmas is coming soon you know....

Anonymous said...

Good to see the update. I look so forward to it each month. I don't remember you taking those pictures in Texas. I hope to see you soon!

Ben said...

I wanted to see pictures of you, mer! Fall trees are cool, I guess; but I don't even know any of the trees well enough to care about their pictures.
I miss you, mer!
Love ya