Tuesday, October 09, 2007


ok. pics of the hospital room. the home health company who was providing therapy and a nurse for me sent me a balloon, a card, and a mug full of some strawberry candy that ben enjoyed.

here's my tv. isn't that hysterical?! i only got 13 channels. one showed Disney cartoons and movies all the time.

the flowers mom and dad sent me. everybody commented on them and the women nurses had to smell them. lol

ben by the board. it just let me know who would be my nurse and tech for the day.

our view

saying hey. i waited till i felt better and was like ben take pics now! lol it was a good thing i did it then b/c i started to get worse that evening.

ben doing my PICC line at home. looks so professional. ;-)

my saline flush to make sure there are no clogs before he puts my TPN in.

the flowers ben's parents sent me.

mom found me a dress for daniel's wedding. i put it on at the time i would be going there. isn't it a beautiful dress?! i love it! do you like my dress, daniel? ;-)

here's what my PICC line looks like. it's nice and clean cuz they changed my dressing that day.

alright talk at ya later. :-)


~ Anne ~ said...

Just had to say that I loved the pics of you in the dress for daniel's wedding! It looks really good on you, and you know me, I loved the lighting! :P I also thought your necklace was incredible lol ;D (not to mention familiar!) and now I'm really wishing I DID send you flowers in the hospital - that had to be the crummiest of views! lol so glad you're home!!

Anonymous said...

From Trace
WOW! Ben, you should go to medical school! You look like a pro!!
You look great in your new dress, Maria! Stay sweet you two!!

Megan said...

I bet you were itching to paint some of those flowers weren't you? Love Ben's purple gloves by the way ;) and your dress is so cute. Thanks for the update, hope you get to feeling better soon!

Anonymous said...

From mom page (MIL)

You two are about the best looking couple around. How do you look so good even in the hospital, it just comes natural I guess. Sorry you missed Daniel's wedding. They can do it all over again for you. I am praying for great things for you two, especially good health.

Megan said...

As Lesley says...