Sunday, September 09, 2007

Seeing Adam Plus Our First Anniversary

i don't know what type of flower this is, but isn't it beautiful?! it has raindrops on it. so cool. it was at the hotel ben and i stayed at when we saw adam. so we have been to houston now, too.

here's adam and i at the mall. it was so good to see him!!! it was FUN.

i love this one. :-)

lol adam and i being ourselves. :-D love adam's expression that he does so much. and there's my hand thing. lol

ben eating apple pie a la mode at Penny's Diner. he loved the pie, by the way. ;-) he looks so cute.

ben made a tie for the candle holder. i had to keep it on. so original. he said it was the only "bow" he could make.

my new black dress! when i tried it on i knew it was the one. it is so me. absolutely love it. ben got it for me on our anniversary.
this is ben at Emerald's. the very fancy restuarant we went to. there was just one other couple there, and we couldn't see them where we were sitting. the owners moved here from Ireland so it is authentic Irish fare. ben said the food was very good.

another dress ben bought me. :-)

i was cold so i wrapped up in my shawl.

so cold i had to put his jacket on. lol so me, huh?


that's it! enjoy all the pics. :-)


Megan said...

I love your dresses Mer! Glad you got to see Adam too; that picture of you two is classic :) Ben looks like a little boy enjoying his pie and I hope you enjoyed your first anniversary! luv u and miss u bunches

Anonymous said...

you both are such good looking couple. It looks like you had a great anniversary. I sure do miss you two..