Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Finally! :-)

yes, an update! i wanted to show you our new dining room. i love it! ben does, too actually. :-) i thought it was so funny, megan, how we were decorating our dining rooms at the same time. i can't find a tablecloth for this size table so for now i am using a folded over sheer curtain. i'm hoping to find a cream sheet to fold over it. that way it won't be so delicate. we even have seat cushions! nice. my favorite is the daisies, though. i hope i can keep on finding them at wal-mart.

so you can appreciate the flowers. i know you'll like the flowers i picked, megan. ;-)

i've gone back to when i was back in NC. the first set of pics are of when i was at Ben's mom's house. so many boys! lol it was fun. the little ones were adorable. the first pic is of Dillon (in the white/blue striped shirt), Asher (in the cop hat) and Eli way in the back.

here's William lounging in my manaul wheelchair. i love that pic. :-D

tracie with her mom. good one, huh?

those dogs did not want to pose for a pic. :-D the black one is Jessie. (that's ben's mom's dog) the brown one is Heidi and belongs to tracie and the gang. this is my fave pic of sedryck, by the way. jared is the one in the fireman hat. looks like he's havin' fun. :-)

another one of my fave's. this is Will and Asher.

a pic of Justin. i asked justin and jared for a pic and they both posed so well. photogenic. no fair!


aaron and i after he preached. (we're back at home.) he preached awesome! way to go. :-)
i miss you!

tonya and arianna. i love this one of tonya. her hair looks so good, and she just looks like a typical happy mom trying to get her baby to smile. lol

i like this one of tonya, too which is why it is on. i miss you, tonya!

arianna having fun in her play center. daniel got her her first Christmas gift ever! lol she loves that thing. such a happy baby. can't wait to see her again!

after a bath. so cuddable!

dad proudly holding her. another fave pic. :-)

the roses ben got me when i came home.

ben with the telescope his mom got him for his birthday. that thing is so cool. ben loves it. you can see the moon really well in it. maybe we can go to the park this weekend and use it again. i fell asleep last time b/c it was so peaceful. lol see what he's wearing, mom? doesn't it look good on him? i killed two birds with one stone with this pic. :-D

i am so happy to be back home! the rain has finally petered out, i think. it's been rainy or overcast here a lot lately. the last two days we haven't had any rain. yay! :-)

that's all for now. hope y'all enjoyed the pics.


Megan said...

Yay for the pics Mer! I love all of them. Those boys are so cute; Tonya and the baby look very sweet. Your dining room is fabulous! Blue and daises...two of my faves :) I know you missed your sweetie and are glad to be home. You'll be seeing my sweetie tonight! luv u bunches as always...

MIL said...

I really enjoyed the pictures maria. You are a great photographer even without the fancy equipment. I sure do enjoy your blog spot. its a good way to be a part of your lives. I love you both so much and miss you too.

Wesley Page said...

its awesome to have these blogs so i can spy on u guys! lol, how's it going!??