Thursday, July 05, 2007

Ben's B-day and Arianna!

here's ben's birthday pics. we celebrated on the 9th before i left for NC. he's birthday was really on the 17th. he is now 24. i was talking to him on the 16th and wasn't sure if i would get to talk to him on his birthday so when the clock changed to 12 i said "happy birthday!" :-)
here's the party table. see the white card on the table? i drew curious george for him since he got me one for mine birthday.

his little cake FULL of candles.

only two left smack dab in the middle. they just popped back up. lol

i topped it with fried ice cream since he wanted an ice cream cake.

too cute. ;-)

arianna!!! the first day i saw her.

how adorable!

mommywith baby - i love how she looks when she is sleeping.

i have more pics of arianna. she gets even cuter! i'll put them on my next update.


Megan said...

What a cute birthday cake! and cute baby too of course!

Anonymous said...

Ben looks like he is sunburned, maybe the ice cream cooled him down. I wish I could have been there for his birthday. Arianna is so sweet looking.

Maria said...

lol he was. that whole week he kept on getting redder and redder. :-D