Monday, June 25, 2007

San Antonio

Be prepared for a lot of pictures! i had a hard time deciding which ones go on and which ones stay. San Antonio was AWESOME!!! i loved it and want to go back again. it's only a little more than 2 hours to get there.
fifteen miles outside of san antonio is the National Bridge Wildlife Safari. it was so cool! here's some pics we took there.

i want to paint this one.

have you ever seen anything like that?! there were more than just one so it can't be an albino.

see the face? i should have taken the pic straight on so you could see it better.

a black deer

like a camel and deer mix, huh?

ostriches! really interesting. oh, we saw a road runner, too, but he was way too fast to get.

i loved the zebras.

he was staring straight at ben, but i wasn't quick enough to get it.

so you could see how tall they are.

these goats were hysterical. marching down the road toward us. they owned the road. nobody could move for awhile.

he had his nose on the rim of the car door. too cute. my camera takes pics really slow. i told ben i want a new digital camera for Christmas. :-D


acting crazy in the store.

a pic of us when we got back from the Tower of the Americas. that is an awesome restuarant. the floor moves the whole time so while you eat you go in a complete circle around the city up high in the air. the waiters helped you with your napkin and pouring stuff. it was funny! i've never been in a place like that.

here is the Tower of Americas. we went late at night, but i forgot to bring my camera with me! argh. so i took this on the way to the Alamo.

pretty building

i liked the trolleys

the alamo! that is a neat place. after we went there, i had to see the movie. i watched it all the way through this time. lol

SEAWORLD! this place is so much fun!

me feeding the dolphins. i actually got to pet him!!! he felt so silky and smooth.

looking at the sting rays from under them made them look like ghosts. i wasn't expecting that.

FLAMINGOS!!! y'all know how i like flamingos. i loved it. could have stayed there all day. :-)

Shamu! this was by far my favorite thing. i couldn't stop talking about it. i even got a shamu necklace. it's black and silver. i'm wearing it right now.

Shamu splashing everybody


i loved the sea lion

the Riverwalk. we went down at night when all the lights were on. it was so cool! the path was cobbled and narrow. it reminded me of Europe.

ben got this headdress for me on the Riverwalk. we are sitting in the hotel room's couch/swing. i have never seen anything like it. unique. a couch suspended in air.

yes, i have a sunburn from Seaworld. :-)

ben on the drive home. we were going through Austin. i love a beard on him! he looks so good with one.

so that was our trip. i want everybody to go to San Antonio. y'all will love it.
ben is in the field right now. for a week he could talk to me with a phone card, but they are now in the desert for 14 days and can't talk to anyone. i hate this part. it's been since last friday so there is a long way to go. they told him that if they were good they could go home on july 16th. otherwise he will get home on july 18, 19, or 20th. hopefully, i will be able to talk to him after he gets out of the desert.
i have seen arianna, and she is precious!!! i love her to death. she's a very even tempered baby. i'll have her on next time, including ben's b-day celebration before he left.
talk at ya later.


Megan said...

I love the animals ones-the deer and the zebras. How cool! Ya'll look so sweet in the picture after you'd been out to eat; I'm gonna save that one to my computer. I want to take the boys to Sea World - they loved looking at your pics :) Stay busy...hopefully the next few weeks will go by fast for you!

Cheri said...

Interesting to know.