Friday, June 08, 2007

Wesley's Visit

it was so great to have wesley come for a few days! ben loved it. he had somebody to hang out with and actually do stuff with. they went rock climbing a couple of times and really enjoyed it, but i think the most fun they had was playing Stratego. it was hysterical. they would play for hours. i don't know how they did it without getting an awful headache. they came up with so many different ways to play it, too. they were like little kids. anyway, here they are playing.

we went on a picnic thursday. ben got his poncho and rigged up a shelter for me and the food while they grilled. it looked like it was going to rain any minute, but it didn't start up until we had everything in the car including the grilled hamburgers and corn.
here they are being manly at the grill. lol

throwing twigs into the lake.

this is a cool pic. i like the angle ben got of wesley standing on the rocks.

i know that looks like a biscuit with jelly, but it's not. it's a hamburger bun with ketchup. i got buns loaded with everything they wanted put together while they grilled. it was good that i did that cuz when we were in the car all they had to do was put a burger on and chow down.

here they are eating in the car which was parked on the side of the road while it stormed all around us.

here's my baked potatoe that didn't get cooked all the way. lol

it was crazy driving home. we couldn't get through this one road b/c the water was so high. then when we got to the house and the guys were playing Stratego (of course), it thundered really long then got very windy. we all looked at each other, and ben went to get some candles just in case. and there was this noise. well, we found out later that the noise was a tornado. it was really close to us. probably 1/4 mile away. it tore an ATM machine from the ground and some apartment houses got their roofs blown off. God protected us that's for sure. that's the closest i have ever been to a tornado. at least, i know what that noise was now. :-)
here they are eating Texas barbecue with mac n cheese, beans, and some plain ole white bread.

that's them eating normally. :-D
playing Stratego with fresh out of the overn choc. chip cookies with a tall glass of ice cold milk. (UGH to the milk part. ;-)

wesley looking like how all of us feel. TIRED
we are in Jack In The Box on the way to drop wes off at the airport. i'm the only one just smiling normally in this pic.

thanks for coming wesley! it was great to have you around for a couple of days. ben loved it.

ok, now for just news. i'm coming home on Jue 10th, and when i do i will update the blog with ben and i's trip to San Antonio.
we have the lift for my wheelchair now!!! i can go anywhere with Harry. it is awesome to be able to move myself.
ben is going to be in the field on June 14th. i can't talk to him, BUT i can send him mail up until July 1st. he won't get back till July18th, 19th, or 20th. maybe he'll come back early!
anyway, i will be celebrating his birthday tomorrow, the 9th. he has to work, though. while he's working i reckon i will be packing. i'm going to miss him that's for sure. see some of y'all soon. can't wait to meet my niece for the first time!!!

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Megan said...

I'm so glad ya'll got to do fun stuff (specially the making chocolate chip cookie part); it must have been a nice change. Enjoy your time at home Mer, NC that is! Wish I could go with you!