Thursday, May 17, 2007

May Days

hey again! this is the golden retriever puppy ben got me from build-a-bear. isn't she cute? her name is zeba. on the one paw she pants and barks, on the other she roars. lol (so she could protect me, ya know. ;-)

this is so you can see the Duke shirt. she's a Dukie, too.

here's the new shirt you got me, mom. i love it!!! this is the pic where i don't look like myself. i am wearing make-up so i don't look so wan. lol i had fun doing my hair. i put little sparkles in it.

i look more like me in this one.
this is the shawl, megan, made me. isn't it beautiful?! i love it so much, megan. thanks a bunch!
i love how this pic turned out. (the angle makes it perfect.) it makes me laugh every time i see it. :-D i felt like i was falling so i had to grab on to ben. lol

ben is off starting this weekend!!! YAY! so happy. there is nothing to do here so i don't know what we will do. whatever it is, i will let all of y'all know. have a great anniversary adam and megan. i miss you all and can't wait to see arianna for the first time in june!


Megan said...

Yay! Pics of you! You look like a model Mer :) I love that shirt and Zeba of course. Enjoy your warm shawl; I'll make us more in different colors/styles/yarns okay? You two look so happy - I'm glad...We're praying for you!

mom page said...

I love the pictures. You are such a good looking couple. I really enjoy the blog.