Wednesday, May 02, 2007


hey again! i have a conglomeration of things on here this time. hope you all enjoy!

this is a homemade book i made and wrote for daniel's birthday present. i enjoyed it and want to make another one.

i painted this fairy. i did mostly cool colors on her. as you can see the apple is the only warm color b/c even the ground has blue-gray undertones. you can't tell, but the flowers in her hair are champagne and white mixed. the only lightness on her. i based the colors on her facial expression.

ben took this of himself during the party. such green eyes.

i decorated our coffee table for the party for ashley and zach. they both had birthdays in April so we just combined them especially since it was ashley's 21st birthday! we all ate around the table. it's always fun to eat on the floor, don' t ya know. lol

the cake table! i just wrapped and taped the balloons around since they weren't helium. it still looked cool. the candles say happy birthday. oh, it's hot fudge cake. i think that's what you call it. you know, the cake that you pour hot water over so that when it cooks it's like a brownie with chocolate sauce hidden inside.
i made fried chicken fingers with honey mustard sauce and barbecue sauce. nobody wanted ranch! can you believe it? lol that is definitely what i would pick. the guys had chili cheese fries, and ashley had zesty curly fires. oh, yeah, i made homemade croutons and made bacon pieces for their salads. it was cool cuz i made the chicken and cake a day ahead of time so all i had to do was just pop the chicken in the oven at the same time as the fries. ben put the salads together for me, too.
we ended up watching Ever After. such a good movie.

lol. i love this pic! i told zach that he had to be all excited and happy so this is it.

he made his present really quick. it's a little car that has a battery-operated propeler in the back. ben and zach were like little kids. it was hysterical to watch them.

i gave ashley a brown purse and a really pretty little book the size of a checkbook. it looks victorian and has brown blank pages in it. vintage looking.

just me posing on Saturday. at first it was a pretty good day for me healthwise so i wanted a pic. lol

we saw deer at the park last Saturday. i love the look on this deer's face.

my favorite one.

ok that's it. ben and i will be seeing most of y'all pretty soon! i can't wait. talk to ya later.


Megan said...

What a fun looking party! I hope ya'll had a great time and you didn't wear yourself out Mer! Love the fairy and the deer of course :) Ack I gotta update my blog now keep me on my toes...))hugs((

Megan said...

doesn't anybody besides me read this blog??? ;)winky wink

Maria said...

very good point!

Megan said...

Ahem. I need an update over here!

Wesley Page said...

I read the Blog!! lol..

Miss yall...