Wednesday, April 11, 2007


hey everybody! we had snow the day before Easter! can you believe it?! ben wrote me a message in the snow. :-)

my Easter table. Mom sent me these adorable bunny figurines and eggs. we got these beautiful flowers at wal-mart. they matched perfectly! i still have the table set up this way.

here's one of the hens i baked with rice stuffing.

here's green beans and corn on the cob. he just wanted some plain toast. lol

deviled eggs and waldorf salad. yum!!!

hot cross buns! i had to make these because of all the books i've read with these buns in them. that scene from A Little Princess sticks in my mind especially.

we had a good Easter. the day before Easter we had to go to Austin to pick up some groceries. it was actually, fun. on the way back, we stopped at a theater and watched Night in the Museum. we loved it.
that's all the news for now. not much is going on. talk to you later!


Anonymous said...

Mer, I'm on the diet again,HA!HA! I wonder how long it will last this time. After viewing the good blessing that you made for the easter meal my taste buds are going wild.Tell Ben he should be glad that he doesn't have the over weight problem.Im getting tired of salads.I was doing some reading and it seems that one problem of fatty foods is the chemicals and the preservatives that are in the foods.Their beginning to believe that is the reason for obesity being so previlant in the USA.Have agood day & eat some good FOOOOOOD!!! dad

Megan said...

Wow that food looks awesome Mer. You are such a good cook! I talked to you today, so hope you get some rest and find a good book to read! (I will try to update our blog tomorrow)

Aaron said...

Hey girl. I thought I would grace your page with a comment. Haha. I can't believe I'll be seeing you soon, only a couple of months I think. Lata

Watty said...

Hey teach Megan how to cook like that -- its not like she has 2 boys and no money to shop groceries with so what's the big deal. Hope I can see you guys soon, maybe in the summer sometime.