Thursday, March 29, 2007

Some More Art

hey everybody. here's my first plaque i did for Easter. it's on our door. i love Easter colors! so soft looking.

here's the other one. i don't have this one up anywhere yet. i have one more to do, but i'm not sure when i will do it!

here's the boardgame that ben created for Jared's birthday! (his jared, by the way. lol) it was kinda annoying to paint. lol it was hard, but worth it in the long run. the different colored boards on the yellow sections of the board can be placed anywhere. they aren't attached. the white you see on them is velcro! clever, huh? ben took the time to cut out the pieces. there is velcro on all the white pegs so that when you get one you place it on your colored board. isn't that neat? they won't move. ben also put small velcro on the board so the white pegs can stay there until they are won. can you see the colored dice by the green board? ben smoothed around the sides so it would be like real dice. he also made the moving pieces by glueing the two pieces together. oh, there is also velcro on the poppers - the pieces coming out of the chest - and then they go on the little boards, too. the poppers have writing on them. i got paint pens so it would be easier. i glued hemtape around the sides of the whole boardgame so it would look more professional. oh, i painted the game on watercolor paper with acrylics, and then ben glued it to a 1/4 inch white board. the game is called Poppin' Pegs for ages 8 and up.

ben has been glueing the shingles on the dollhouse for me. i'm going to try to add the wallpaper soon. we still have a lot to do it, but it's getting closer.
ben's been working 12 hours a day seven days a week for a week and a half now so i have been BORED. lol he works like this for another month, i think. oh, joy..... :-)
i'll talk to y'all later. bye!


Megan said...

Ok not fair! I love your plaques! especially the bunny one...those eggs must've been lots of fun to paint. And what a cool looking game; you guys did such a good job!

Anonymous said...