Friday, March 16, 2007

Art and Lots of Pics

hey! i forgot to take pics of the stuff i painted for Easter so i'll put that on next with some other art stuff. this is a pic i painted for mom. black-eyed susans.
the verse on there is Isaiah 40:8.

this is a pic i painted for ben's mom's birthday. i painted the mat to match since they didn't have any good colors at michael's. what do you think of the oval, mom? i don't know what kind of bird it is. i need to go look it up. i just thought he was cute. so nice and plump. i added dogwoods to it for a NC flare.

ben's parents saw us for a couple of days last weekend. we went to the japanese restuarant saturday night. it's always fun to go there. i love the show. :-D Sunday was just relaxing. we talked and watched a movie. ben helped me make buffalo chicken salad for supper. i also made a mexican dip. you should try the buffalo chicken, megan. it was so easy, and they seemed to like it pretty well.

i hate this pic of me, but it's so good of ben i had to put it on. doesn't that blue look good with that blazer, mom?

so you can see my hair, mom, megan, and tonya. i really like bangs. i think i will stay with them. at least for a little while. lol you never know with me.

me reading. don't you miss seeing that, mom and dad?!?! lol

i don't know if you can tell, but i'm wearing the bracelet ben's mom got me. i love it. it's so delicate. silver, of course.

ok, back to reading. :-D actually, i think i'm going to paint a bit and wait for ben to get home. y'all have a good day and leave me some messages!!! megan is always faithful............ HINT some of you need to get busy. bye!


Megan said...

Yep, I think I need a bird painting! Gorgeous as usual and LoVe your hair Mer...Adam'll pick on you about it getting shorter and shorter hee hee. Glad you had a fun weekend! (p.s. your outfit in the last 2 pics is SO cute!)

Anonymous said...