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Review: Not by Sight

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Not by Sight by Kate Breslin is an espionage story set during WWI in England. I found this cover tantalizing, and I knew had to read it. I hope you get pulled in by the cover, too so I'm not alone over here. haha

Ever since Grace Mabry's twin enlisted to fight, she is determined to help win the war in whatever way she can, and her latest plot is quite daring. Armed with white feathers of cowardice, Grace and her maid, Agnes, sneak into a masquerade ball to hand them out to all the rich, young, healthy conscientious objectors. Setting her sights on Jack Benningham, she marches right up to him and hands him the feather. But instead of anger she only sees amusement on his face.

After the ball, Grace is in disgrace with her father, but with the increase of bombings in London, Mr. Mabry allows Grace (and Agnes) to join the Women's Forage Corps where she can finally help out the war effort in a more tangible way. Once at the estate, she runs into Lord Rosworth who locals call the Tin Man because of the metal mask he wears on his face. Shocked to find Jack Benningham is the lord of the manor, she is terrified he will recognize her and send her home. But the quick glimpse she has before he puts his mask back on shows that he not only has scars on his face but is blind as well. When he doesn't react to her name, Grace is relieved and determined to keep as far away from him as she can. But the next day, Jack requests her services as a chauffeur in the morning time relegating her WFC duties to the afternoon. Will she be able to keep her identity unknown?

I really enjoyed this book. Even though I figured out who was the spy right way, the story was so interesting I didn't really care. I loved Grace. She was so real. She had her faults and her strengths just like all of us, and I loved her journey with her faith. Plus, she had to reevaluate her beliefs in the war and her simplistic, childish view of it. Jack was another great character. He acted how you would expect anyone to act in that situation. Dealing with facial scars that he couldn't even see puts his use of a mask to a whole new level. I also loved how it was reminiscent of a beloved fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. Grace helped tame Jack's struggles with bitterness and anger just by being normal with him which is a valuable lesson for anyone. The progression of their friendship was gradual but inevitable, and I wish the story didn't have to end. But at least it ended satisfactorily. It was such a superb book! Please don't walk, run to get this book!

I was given this book for free from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

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