Sunday, July 19, 2015

Review: Twice Blessed

Twice Blessed: Two Amish Christmas Stories

Twice Blessed by Barbara Cameron is two Amish Christmas novellas in one book. The stories were well done, interesting, and a quick, fun read. They both center around identical twins, and I enjoyed the stories very much.

Rosie is the shy sister who loves to be out in her garden whereas her twin, Katie, is vivacious, social, and energetic and loves to work at the Amish store in town surrounded by people and the busyness of work. Rosie is usually in the background with guys, but Katie has never had a problem having dates. Consequently, they are both surprised when a new Amish man is attracted to quiet Rosie instead of lively Katie. Will this affect their close relationship?

Mark and Ben are as different as night and day. Mark never has doubts with his faith, is happy-go-lucky, and is considered lazy by many. Ben is the more responsible, moody one with doubts and questions aplenty. While driving home one snowy night, the twins get in a bad wreck with a big truck which leaves Mark in a coma and Ben with some broken bones and bruises. Disoriented when he wakes up, Ben is confused why Ruthie calls him Mark, but too thrilled to be the one "engaged" to her he doesn't tell her the truth until it's too late.

These stories portrayed the love and connection between identical twins very well. I loved the unusual dilemma in the second story, but felt the conflict still wasn't resolved at the end. It would have benefited from another chapter to tie up everything. To me, the stories didn't really have much Christmas stuff to them. I wish they did, but regardless I enjoyed them both, and I definitely recommend this book to any Amish fiction fans.

I was given this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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