Saturday, December 20, 2014

Review: Love at Mistleltoe Inn

Love at Mistletoe Inn by Cindy Kirk is the first in the A Year of Wedding Novellas for 2015. I read some from last year and really enjoyed them, but this book gets the new collection off to a rocky start. I do like how the books have titles now instead of the months. It makes the stories themselves sound more exciting.

Hope Prentiss has gone for ten years ignoring what happened her senior year of high school - marriage to John Burke. Once she heard how he didn't have enough money to pay the internet ordained preacher she decided she didn't really want to marry John after all even though they had already said their vows. Convinced that not sending the papers in would make them not legally married, they parted ways. But then Hope finds out startling news. She is still married!

John Burke decides he is ready to come back to Harmony and settle down. When he gets there, Hope approaches him about their marriage. Shocked that it's still valid, John is still happy because he has always loved her. Now here is where the weird twist comes in. After Hope tells him, the story then jumps to the next morning with her leaving his house. Whaaatttt?? And then she runs to an attorney to see if she can still annul the marriage. Uh, obviously not! This turned me off of the book like nothing else. She hasn't really seen or talked to him for ten years, and then she just throws herself at him? And now she wants an annulment/divorce?! Ok....

This story had no depth. It was just fluff. When I read a Christian story, I expect it to be clean and have some type of learning going on. Something I can take away from the book. This one didn't. Not even from the pastor. No Bible verses. Nothing. It was a well written book with a cute setting and a sweet, meddling aunt, but it was definitely not my cup of tea. My advice is to skip this story.

I was given this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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