Sunday, December 21, 2014

Review: Brentwood's Ward

Brentwood's Ward by Michelle Griep is my first read from this author. I love Regency so it seemed the perfect fit. :-)

Emily Payne is determined to snag a husband this season, but there's only one, tiny problem. Her guardian, Nicholas Brentwood. When Emily's father left on business, he hired Brentwood to watch over his daughter. Furious, Emily tries all her normal tactics to get her way, but he is not at all like the other fellows in her life. Forced to take him everywhere she goes, she decides to exploit it much to Brentwood's annoyance.

Nicholas Brentwood is a Bow Street runner and a mighty good one. When his boss tells him about the good pay for the guardian job, he happily accepts. Finally, he will be able to move his ailing sister to the country to heal. But when he meets Miss Emily Payne, he questions accepting this assignment.

As Emily and Nicholas are forced to hang out together, they start to become friends and trust each other. But then circumstances change and Brentwood is scrambling to figure out the mystery surrounding Mr. Payne and the newly arisen threats against Emily.

This book kept my interest. It flowed well, and I got to see the characters grow and change. Emily kept it lively and had me laughing with her antics. Brentwood was the main Christian character, and I really liked him. He was kind, compassionate, and protective but I didn't like how violent he was. It seemed extreme to me. I enjoyed the mystery, but I didn't like how some parts weren't tied up at the end. I was confused about Wren, Emily's friend. What happened between them? It was never fully explained! I really wanted to read a conversation between them...

There were some elements I didn't like in the story, but overall it was a good read even though unbelievable in parts. If you like Regency books, you will probably enjoy this story. :-)

I was given this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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