Monday, March 03, 2014

Review: The Pursuit of Tamsen LittleJohn

The Pursuit of Tamsen LittleJohn by Lori Benton is a fantastic historical book set in 1787 North Carolina. There were so many interesting things I learned about from this novel, and I thoroughly enjoyed the plot. The author seamlessly wove her story around historical facts and added in tons of information about all kinds of things especially concerning the habits of the different Indian tribes. I found this book to be just as interesting and compelling as her first story, Burning Sky.

Tamsen LittleJohn is terrifed of her stepfather so when Jesse Bird, a white man raised Indian, is willing to help her escape his clutches she gladly accepts his help. Traveling through the mountains with her rescuer, Tamsen begins to trust him more and more. When she finds out that her stepfather is accusing Jesse of kidnapping her, she comes up with a plan to save them both. Marriage.

Jesse Bird was rescued when he was three by the Wataugas. Raised as their own, it is the only life he really remembers, but Cade, his adopted father, has taught him how to be American, too. He is caught between both worlds until he meets Tamsen. Being with her makes him want to settle down and have a farm instead of roaming like the Indians. Will he be able to make a life for them both and keep her safe from her stepfather?

Jesse, a white man raised Indian who has no idea where he came from or who he really is. Tamsen, a woman with many secrets about her ancestry who was raised rich and priviliged. Running scared, Tamsen is left with one question. Will the law even allow them to be legally married?

I don't want to give away too much, but trust me! You have to read this book! It is such a rich book full of love, forgiveness, trust, and redemption. I loved reading about the Cherokees, Chickamaugas, and Wataugas. And I never knew that North Carolina was divided into two different states after the Revolutionary War! Crazy stuff! If you are a history buff, you have got to read this book. If you love a good, romantic story, you have got to read this book. If you love reading, you have got to read this book! Enough said... :-) It will be released April 15 so mark it on your calendars!

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I was given this book free from WaterBrook Multnomah in exchange for an honest review.

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