Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Prairie Song

Prairie Song by Mona Hodgson is the first book in the Hearts Seeking Home series. It's the continuing story from the novellas in the Quilted Hearts trilogy. I really liked this story. I loved the characters and finding out what it was like traveling in a wagon train. I can't wait to read the rest of the books!!

Ever since Anna Goben's brother, Dedrick, died in the Civil War, her family has fallen apart. Her grandfather can barely make chairs anymore and her mother turned to drink to drown out the pain. Anna has done her best to shield her mother from gossips and to keep her family afloat by making and selling hats and candles. But then she hears about the Boone Lick Wagon Train going west to California. She convinces her family to join and off they go for a new start in life. Anna hopes and prays the journey will help her mother stop drinking and get a new lease on life, but what if she never changes? Will Anna ever be able to have a life and family of her own?

Caleb Reger is a trail hand for the wagon train. He is intrigued with Anna, but since they got off on the wrong foot he isn't sure if they will ever get along. Guilt-ridden and haunted by his past, Caleb feels unworthy of anyone's love especially sweet Anna. As the journey progresses they get to know each other and loves starts to awaken between them. Will Anna forgive him his past? Or will he be destined to live his life alone?

This book never once got boring. I loved how most of the characters from the previous series where in the story. It was cool to still see glimpses of their lives. :-) Plus, I love learning how people did things back then! So fascinating. It was a satisfying story with a great conclusion, and I can't wait to read more from this series!

*I was given an advanced reading copy of this book from the author with no obligation to write a review.*

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