Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Review: The Hero's Lot

The Hero's Lot by Patrick Carr is the second book in The Staff and the Sword series. I love this fantasy series! It's different, and it has some mystery in it. Makes it even better. ;-)

Earl Errol is on the road again. The conclave has put a compulsion on him to go kill Valon in Merakh as punishment for being friends with the herbwomen. Killing him is basically impossible because Valon will know his every move in advance, but he has no choice. He requested Rale (the man who instructed him with the staff), and Namaan Ru (the caravan master who held him captive) to help lead him into Merakh. As Errol journeys to his death, a surprise visitor arrives which compels him to fight harder to live.

Meanwhile Martin and Luis had to escape Erinon before the conclave finds out they cast for the king five years ago. Cruk goes with them, too, but when they run into trouble in Windridge they receive help from an unlikely source. Karele, a herbman gets them to safety and heals Cruk. Because of Karele, Martin starts to doubt what the church has always taught and is left with one troubling question. How come no one could find them once they were with the herbman? As they travel to find Errol, Martin comes face to face with a disturbing truth in the village where Errol and Liam grew up.

The trips for both parties are filled with dangers, but also with long awaited answers to some questions. It was nice to find out more about what is really going on, and what the end result will be. :-) Plus, it was great to see Martin changing his views and to see Errol leaning toward the truth! I really enjoyed the story, but I did find some parts near the end too rushed and unbelievable. That was annoying since the story is so good! Anyway, I can't wait for the last book and am excited about what the author will write next!

I was given this book free from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

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