Sunday, May 12, 2013

Book Review: A Passionate Mom

A Passionate Mom by Susan Merrill is a parenting book where the author bases the book off of Nehemiah. I was very curious about how she was going to connect the two so I decided to check it out.

I thought this was a pretty interesting book with some really good points. The author states how we not only need to build a wall for our kids but it is our responsibility to have one in place to protect them. She brings out ten points of what those walls should be made out of, and more specifically what moms need to have so we can protect and nurture our kids. The building blocks all begin with P:
Problem Solving

There is also mortar between the bricks that helps it all stick together. It's an interesting and fascinating way to write a parenting book. There really isn't much new information, but it is an easy read. Just a little too long. Anyway, it helps you as a parent feel more confident setting those walls and boundaries for your child. We do it for their good so that one day when they leave the nest they will know how to navigate in the world without you there to guide them through it.

I also like when she talks about adoption. I've always wanted to adopt, and it made me more hopeful that it is possible. If you have preteen or teens then definitely get this book! I think it's more suited for moms of older children, but I have a toddler and it did prove beneficial for me. I think I'm going to want to read it again when my son is a preteen, though. Just for some encouragement.... lol

I really liked the chapters about patience and purpose. Very thorough and it made me even more positive to keep doing what I'm doing. On the other hand, the book moved too slowly for me, and I thought it was a little repetitious. Plus, I didn't like how she was like if all moms join together then we could change the world, and how all the moms should ban together to keep our kids safe. While I understand that to a certain extent like how family and friends help out if needed, it's like she's saying it takes a village to raise your children, and I know that's not true. Overall, though, it's a pretty good book. :-)

I was given this book free from Booksneeze as long as I give an honest review.

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