Friday, March 22, 2013

Historical Fiction Review

Whispers in the Wind is the second in the "Wild West Wind" series by Lauraine Snelling. This book is as good as the first!! It picks up right where the first book left off. :-)

When Cassie showed up at the Bar E, Mavis Engstrom finally told her sons, Ransom and Lucas, that Cassie's father and their father were partners. They can't believe they were never told, and Ransom especially is furious. But where Ransom doubts Cassie and believes she could have found or faked the deed, Lucas thinks he has found the woman of his dreams.

Cassie Lockwood has found her father's dream valley, but it isn't what she expected. Her father not only owned the valley but was a partner with now deceased Ivar Engstrom. When Mavis wants them all to stay at the small cabin on the ranch, Cassie accepts. She feels like she is taking and not giving anything back to the Engstrom's for their generosity. How will she be able to provide for everyone under her care? Will she be able to compete in shooting matches again?

I loved reading more about the life on the ranch, and how they did everything. And I do mean everything. Back then, people were so self-sufficient! It's absolutely fascinating reading. :-)

I'm reading the third book now. ;-) What can I say.... it's hard to put down. lol

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