Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Historical Fiction Review

Valley of Dreams is the first book in the "Wild West Wind" series by Lauraine Snelling. I am a huge fan of Snelling's, but I was kinda hesitate to read this because I was afraid it wouldn't compare favorably with the Red River series. But I was very pleasantly surprised! I really liked this story, and once again Snelling transports me back in time with such ease. I've always admired how she can explain how they did things back then without boring me to death like some authors. Maybe it's how she writes it so naturally. It just flows with the story. Hats off to you, Lauraine Snelling!!!

Cassie Lockwood is the star act in a Wild West Show that her father and "Uncle" Jason partnered in. Her parents are both dead, but she stayed on doing a trick riding and sharpshooting act. She was shocked when Jason announced that they wouldn't be doing any more shows. He gave her the wagon, some stock, and told her to take Chief and Micah with her. Cassie doesn't know what else to do but look for her dad's dream valley. Chief knows the way so she lets him be the guide. Will they make it to the valley before winter sets in?

Ransom Engstrom has taken over the ranch ever since his dad died several years ago. They are barely making it, but his mom won't let them even entertain the idea of selling. How can he make money to pay off all their debts and keep the ranch?

I loved this story!!! But a warning - it leaves you wanting to read more right away! I was so glad I checked both out of the library so I could just keep reading! :-D

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