Sunday, February 24, 2013

Amish Fiction Review

Love Still Stands by Kelly Irvin is the first in The New Hope Amish series. I really enjoyed this book especially since the main character has a disability. It's refreshing to read about people suffering from a health problem, seeing how they handle it, and actually falling in love!

Bethel Graber moves with her sister's family to a new town that has plenty of land to farm. She is expected to help her around the house and with her five kids. There's one problem, though. Bethel was injured when a storm tore up the schoolhouse in their hometown and the stove and some desks landed on top of her. She uses crutches and her legs drag behind her. Having such a problem is particularly difficult when you are Amish because everything you do is so labor intensive! But Bethel is determined to get better so she can help her sister and get back to teaching. She starts physical therapy and meets some other people there in the support group that she can relate to.

Elijah Christner drives Bethel to and from therapy every week. He likes Bethel and wants to help her, but she doesn't want any help. Elijah is confused and hurt by that, but still tries to find a way that they can get together. Will Bethel realize he loves her for who she is and not out of pity for her?

The Amish are faced with prejudice as they struggle to carve a new community in New Hope. Will the townspeople learn they have nothing to fear from them? Or will they have to move again?

I really liked this book! It was my first book by this author, but definitely not  my last! It won't be out for another few months so definitely put a reminder up or preorder it! It's worth  the wait!

I was given this book free as long as I review it.

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