Thursday, January 10, 2013

Handicap Mess

Oh, the craziness of being handicap!!!!!! So you know how I got my license a month ago? Well, yesterday I received a letter saying that I needed to get a new license because they forgot to put the restrictions on my current license! I was like seriously?! There has been so much work and nonsense with getting my license. All because I'm handicap. Like it isn't hard enough to be handicap already. Let's just make it even harder. (And more expensive, by the way.) Sigh. So I went this morning because Thursday is the least busy day. Imagine my surprise when I got there and saw how crowded it was!!! lol Just my luck, huh? :-D

It worked out well, though. It was actually pretty fast! Josiah and I only waited 20-30 minutes, and he was sooo good!!! He just sat in the chair while I filled out the paperwork. Again I might add. Just saying... lol Anyway, he ate a snack and played a game on my DS. It's not really playing as much as he just loves my touchscreen. ;-) We actually ended up having fun. I was praying it would go fast and easy, and it sure did! Thank God for that! I haven't been feeling too well so I wasn't sure how it would be, but it was fine. :-)

Josiah had speech therapy today, too. She comes to the house. Awesome, huh? Anyway, he is getting so much better. The therapist is very happy with his progress. I am, too! It's amazing how little things can make a big difference for him. I love all the tips and ideas she gives me to implement throughout the week. It's so cool being able to teach and help your child and then to SEE the difference! I found this neat website called, and it has some cool ideas to do with your kids. My other go to website is All the things I've tried from there, Josiah has loved! So if you are looking for activities for your little one check out those two sites! They are awesome. :-)

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