Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is my fall banner. I finally did the finishing details on it.

This is a banner that someone commissioned me to do. :-) I have another banner I need to do for someone's little girl. It should be fun.

The baby quilt is finished!!! It's a rail fence quilt, and I alternated the blue and green pinwheels. :-) I'm loving quilting and sewing. I have been in such a crafty mood lately. I need a beter way to store all my sewing supplies and fabric! Sooner or later.... :-)

I get my mickey replaced on Friday. So pray everything goes well for the baby and I. I'm definitely ready to get this thing replaced!!! They are going to give me a little bigger so I will be leaking a lot, but I shouldn't have to go through this again until after the baby is born. So that's good news.

I drew Peter Rabbit, I just haven't had time to paint him b/c of the banner orders. Oh, well. :-) I want to go ahead and transfer it to my watercolor paper so when I have time I can just start painting. Ben added the porch, door, and windows to the dollhouse this weekend! It's looking so good now. I'm so excited. I still need to go to Michael's to get some more red paper for the kitchen. I can't wait to make little lace curtains, bedspreads, and furniture! Should be lots of fun. :-)

Oh! I got the cloth diapers last week!!! I LOVE them! It was definitely the right choice. I'm so happy about it. I got the Rumparooz b/c they are the best cloth diapers I've seen. They are just like the disposables and don't leak or anything. I'm going to get a sprayer that hooks to the toilet so I can clean them easily before I throw them into the wetbag. People said that washing them was no big deal at all. That it was lots easier and less time consuming than they thought. They are so soft..... I'm hoping it will be gentle on his skin so he won't get diaper rash as much. You have to change cloth diapers more anyway so it will help on that score! The inserts for this brand are super thick and absorbent - another reason I like these! So I can double the infant insert with the regular insert for naps and overnight so he won't leak or soak his clothes. :-) I'm so glad I did this! One cloth diaper works from infancy till they are potty trained - it's 4 sizes in one.

I registered at WalMart and Target. They have similar things, but there are a few differences especially with clothes and bath stuff. So enjoy looking!

Well, I'm off to paint. :-)


Megan said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the D Banner!!! Praying all goes well Friday--Not fun :( Maybe you will have time to work on Peter while you recoup. Sounds like you've done your homework with the diapers; it'll be a little extra work but doesn't sound too bad. If it doesn't work out, disposables are super cheap with coupons nowadays too. (oh and diaper rash was pretty rare at my house so I don't think you'll have to worry about that =)

Maria said...

Ok, good about the diaper rash!!! I was babysitting a little boy a little while ago who had horrible diaper rash! I felt so bad for him.... But apparently the daycare wasn't changing him often enough. Poor little kid.
I'm planning on using disposables for the trip to Georgia. I know I could use my cloth diapers, but why add the extra stress??? lol You'll have to check the Rumparooz website. ;-)