Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Good Day!

I felt felt well enough to go out today!!! So so nice. :-) So I put make up on, did something with my hair, and wore my homemade necklace. It's a brooch I turned into a necklace. I added some beads that matched the inside, too. I love it. :-) Anyway, we went to Applebee's b/c they have Pepsi. We looked around for a bit in Target and then Old Navy. It was so nice to do something! After a couple hours out in the heat, my nausea inevitably got worse. Plus, I was feeling shaky so I needed to eat. We are hoping to go out again in a little bit. Maybe Big Lots or K-Mart.

Oh, we got a queen air mattress for when we move so that we will have something to sleep on! We saved $6 so I was happy. :-)

Just pics of us.

Kaylee being cute.

Oh, we went to a consignment store first, and we got this Moses basket!!! I like it so much better than a bassinet b/c we can put it in the bed with us which means I won't have to get up at all when I need to feed/change him. :-) Great for my energy level. Plus, we can use it in the hotel when we travel in December! And I can put the baby in it to sleep anywhere in the house. I love it! :-)

Oh, my midwife said I don't need to sleep on my left side - that it's not that important. I was so glad b/c it really hurts my j-tube and it has started to bleed from it. So I can sleep in comfort again. I had started sleeping on my right side before I even checked with her b/c it was messing my tube up. It feels tight now so soon I will have to get it replaced. My OB and midwife were like oh.... Sigh. Way to keep me calm..... I am so nervous b/c I can go into preterm labor... The last thing I want. Keep praying eveyrthing goes well when I do finally get it changed out. :-)

Oh, I finally got a 2 inch memory foam for the bed! I've been letting it air out. I need to get a cover for it so the smell is even less. All I need is an asthma attack. I hope it helps all my pain. :-)

I finished my last assignment for school about a week ago. I also wrote a new story and sent it out to Highlights this week. I have more hope that this one could sell. It's called, "The Elephant Who Couldn't Eat Peanuts". It's for 4-8 years olds. Wouldn't it be awesome if it did sell???!!! I wouldn't know what to do with myself. :-)

Oh, I've been looking into getting a handicap van. I called Joni and Friends, and they are going to see if they have one in their resources. They will call me Monday b/c the woman who does that wasn't in. I am praying they have something. I would love to be able to go places myself! Especially with the baby coming. :-) We can not afford to buy one. They run around $40,000 for the kind I can drive. Is that not utterly ridiculous?! Sigh. But at least I can keep checking with Joni and Friends and see if they ever get something I can use. Gives me hope. :-)

That's all for now.


Megan said...

Good pictures! You look so happy! and you have bangs again ;o) I love the basket, it will come in handy. You can always roll up some blankets or towels to put around the baby in your bed instead if it takes up too much room. I will get your stuff mailed to you this week. It will be baby time before you know it! (but not yet, he needs to cook a little longer!)

Anonymous said...

Forgot how well you wear black (which ahem.... I'm guessing was totally worth wearing in already scorching weather lol), and though I'd never have the patience, it always pays off when you put your hair up or do stuff with it. In short - you look great, outfit, smile and all. :)

Can't wait to hang out with you this week....and I liked the "Moses basket" too!! Very nice. ;)

Tracie said...

Maria--you look so beautiful!
Hey, you actually look like you're glowing! You guys look so happy. You really are brave to out in the heat, it's boiling here in NC I imagine TX is hotter! The basket is very nice, I like the blue :)

Maria said...

Megan - good idea about the blankets!
Anonymous - ;-) lol I actually didn't feel hotter in black, and I didn't even think about black making me hotter. LOL But it was worth b/c I got to wear my new necklace I made. :-D
Thanks, Tracie! Glad you liked the basket. :-)