Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We got snow on the 23rd!!! Yay! :-) Doesn't it look so pretty.

Cute puppy.

Doesn't Kaylee look like a sled dog?

Soooo beautiful.

Handsome Ben.

Ben made a little snowman.

A giant snow hay bale! lol Leave it to Ben.

Kaylee is gorgeous on the hill.

Kaylee looks like a rabbit.

See how big?!

Ben decided he had to put me in the snow. I didn't mind. He wanted me to make a snow angel, but with Kaylee around..... lol She just wanted to PLAY.

Ben making it bigger or trying to. It ended up falling down.

The front yard.

Hat head!!! Ack! Beware! lol

Ben's hat head. Wow. Doesn't it look so bad?! :-D

That was our snow day. I'm so glad Ben made me go out in it. He gave me his cold weather gear to wear, and it kept me dry and warm. :-) When we got back I made some snow cream. Yum! It was a great day! I thank God for such a wonderful display of His handiwork and for such fun memories in the snow. :-)


Megan said...

Gorgeous pictures!!! I love the ones of you playing with Kaylee and your red scarf against the white looks so pretty :o)

Cathy and Family said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! It snowed here this morning! It has been a crazy winter but the boys have loved it.

mom/mil/Kathy said...

The pictures are beautiful. Seeing your pictures made me tear up. I miss you two so much. Maybe I can go in April if that's a good time for you guys.

Tuyet said...

Lovely pictures! Looks like you have a great snow day!