Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The first few pics are of something only I can do. :-D I put some peanut butter in Kaylee's kong, and then had the bright idea to throw it for her. Well, of course it spattered everywhere! You can see it's on the door in the first pic. I'm sure Kaylee enjoyed not having to work for all the peanut butter! It was too funny. If I remember correctly it was a bad day to begin with so it made me laugh for the first time that day. Nothing like being stupid to make you laugh.

The recliner......

The floor......

ALL over the floor.... :-D

These are the cala lilies Ben bought me when I had the j-tube surgery. Aren't they beautiful?! This is my Easter table. We had one friend come over and eat Easter dinner with us so that was nice. I made a picnic ham, homemade mashed potatoes with ham gravy, broccoli and cheese, deviled eggs, and Hawaiian sweet rolls. I made Good Stuff for dessert. It's the cream cheese/cool whip and chocolate pudding on a shortbread crust. Adam's fave dessert, actually. I never was too big of a fan, but they seemed to enjoy it. :-)

The cute cute bunny Mom got me a couple years ago.

I like my hair in this one, and it's a really good pic of Ben. Which of these do you guys like? Leave me a note.

Kaylee being silly.

All of us on Easter.

It'll be a few more weeks till I'm off the TPN, but I'm getting there. My calories are supposed to be lowered on my TPN formula this week, and next week I will start going off for 2 days then 3 and so on. We have to go to Dallas again tomorrow. Oh, joy. We do not like Dallas cuz we have to go there so much! It's craziness.
Kaylee is doing well on the gentle leader. I'm about to take her for another walk before it starts to rain. She needs to get out some energy!
I saw the orthodontist today, and I should be getting braces in 2-3 months. Depends on when I can get in to get my teeth pulled and let them heal for a couple of weeks. After my teeth are aligned then I can get jaw surgery. It should be in about 18 months.
Nothing much has been happening over here. Oh, Ben got all his gear put away in one closet in the art room so we now have an empty closet! It's big, too. I'll try to get a pic of the closets cuz Mom has been bugging me about it. Haven't you, Mom? :-D Soon..... I just don't feel like doing it right now. lol Ben's parents will be visiting us the beginning of May. Oh, in 4 weeks I will get a mic key!!! That way I won't have this tube hanging out of me. Yay!!! Too cool.
I'm going to go walk Kaylee then sleep then read. Books.... They are so wonderful. :-D


mil/mom/kathy said...

Hey, I decided to click and see if there were any updates and was delighted to find Easter news. I'm glad I didn't have to clean up all that peanut butter. I liked all the pictures but the first one was my favorite. I just love all the pictures on your blog. See you soon.

Megan said...

I don't know why, but I like the one of Kaylee licking the floor :)Must agree and say the first pic is my favorite! Sorry you have been through so much, we can only pray it gets better from here! love u lots...the boys keep asking when can we go to Texas ;)