Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yes! It's finally happened! We have our dog!!! We got her from Gold Ribbon Rescue, and she's about a year and a half old. This is her story. She was found sheperding her 2 half breed pups. Her back leg was really mangled, and they don't know how she was even walking on it. Anyway, they had to take off her back left leg, but she still gets around really well. She can run and even get on the couch. She's beside me right now, actually. :-) She has the same habit as Jasmine where she likes to run around in the house and jump on and off the couch. Can't wait to see that. She doesn't eat more if she's not hungry. She still has food in her bowl.

Her weight needs to be kept down b/c of only having three legs. She makes it easy by not finishing her food! lol We can get low-cal doggie treats for her. She is so sweet! She's a red-blonde Golden. Oh, her name is Kaylee. :-) She's precious for certain sure.

I get to train her! That'll be fun. She doesn't like car rides. We think she might have been hit by a car. But when we took her home I noticed that she can't stabilize very well. If she braces against me she can look out, and she calmed down after that. No more shaking the rest of the way home. She would see-saw between sitting up and laying down.

The one wall in the living room is complete! I found this clock at Tuesday Morning which just opened about a mile from us. Too cool. And I updated my pics in the live laugh love frame.

Here are my chimes. If I'm in the kitchen or laundry room, I can hear them really well.

This is our backyard.

The clothesline Ben put up for me killing his middle finger in the process. It's healing nicely. Just an ugly bruise under his fingernail now.

Ok, this is the light in the dining room that I hate. Looks like an outdoor light.

This is the light I found at Lowe's that Ben put up for me. Isn't it so much nicer?! It's Venetian.

Just so you know my new j-tube surgery date is April 3rd. A Friday which means Ben gets to help me for the first couple of days. Hopefully, on the next update I will have the cala lily finished.


Megan said...

Yay Kaylee! She is so pretty,Mer! Enjoy! Hope you've had fun adding all your little homey touches to the house; it is looking great. And we'll pray you are feeling much better by April 3rd.

kathy/mil/mom said...

I like Kaylee, she looks humble and loving. My Aunt Mae once had a three legged dog named Honey and she was really a sweet dog just like her name. You will really love Kaylee as she becomes a treasured part of the family. I am really happy you have her.