Monday, March 02, 2009

Busy February

Crazy month! Here's a pic of Ashley and Nicholas. So cute! Well, for about 10 or so days I was really sick with a sinus infection, and then it got into my lungs. It was not fun. Thankfully, Ben didn't get sick even though I coughed and sneezed around him. Especially on the trip to Dallas! lol What a long, long trip that was. I'm feeling better, and finally found the purple curtains I've been wanting for the craft room!

Ben set this up for Valentine's Day. It's so beautiful like that. I was horribly sick that day. He cleaned up the craft room for me the night before. I konked out and had no clue he was up cleaning. He even hung up the jewelry cabinet in our room, and I didn't hear a thing. lol That was the coolest gift. I didn't have to do anything! Poor guy stayed up late doing it, though.

Just a fish meal I made him.

The laundry room. My washtub. Isn't that cool?

My wonderful washer and dryer.

This is our nice long hallway. I want to play hockey with our dog and cat. Whenever we get one that is. Can't you see me racing around? Would be fun. ;-)

I got Ben a recliner for his welcome home/Valentine's Day gift. Because every man needs a recliner!

Our black bookshelf in the living room. Aren't the pics cool? I found them at Wal-Mart. I want to paint some flowers in black and white to go on the other side of the wall.

A close up. For some reason they look crooked on here, but they don't look crooked on the wall.....

My art room!!! Aren't the valances neat?! They are satiny. And a rich purple. I don't normally like valances, but these are cute to me. I love the light that comes from this window.

This is my scrapbooking area. I can also work on the dollhouse as you can see. Plus, I have all my therapy stuff!

This is opposite the scrapbooking stuff. We still haven't hung up all the pics.

This is a better view of the desk. We do have a computer chair, by the way. It's just not in the pic b/c Ben was sitting in it beside me. lol

We are in a duplex. This is our side of the house. Isn't it nice! I still need to get some flowers. I'm working on it.

Ben and I after we got my new laptop! We went to the Sony outlet store like Adam suggested and got a nice Vaio for cheap. Thanks for the tip, Adam! I didn't even know they had those kind of stores.

A very good pic of Ben.

Just me.

I like how the light is in this one.

I forgot to put some pics on here. I'll do it next time because I'm tired. I go on March 4th to get a j-tube. I have to be there at 5:30am! Yuck! The surgery will be at 7am. I'll be staying over night because of all my health problems. We are going to leave tomorrow and get a hotel. Oh, I'm also supposed to get a new PICC tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, around noon so we can go to Dallas right after. (My PICC has moved out another 2 cm's so they are pulling it.) I'll finally be able to have blood draws through the PICC!!! I'm a very hard stick. Sometimes my veins will not pop up no matter what.
OK, well y'all have a good day!


mom/mil/kathy said...

You and Ben are such a good looking couple! I know you have enjoyed setting up your new home. You have so much room. You and Ben have really worked hard. The Lord has blessed you both.

Megan said...

Thanks for the update Mer! I love your washer/dryer AND your purple valances. I'm glad you and Ben have been having fun and Yay for the new laptop! I'm partial to the Vaio myself ;) We'll be praying for you this week!

Maria said...

i'm not getting the j-tube tomorrow b/c the insurance hasn't approved it yet. but i might be getting a new PICC tomorrow! the nurse couldn't get my blood again. so pray i can get it soon!

Anonymous said...

I like it when you cook chocolate things!
I'm impatiently waiting here while you cook the chocolate crinkle things and typeing down whatever I'm thinking at the sametime because I'm bored and procrastinating away from continuing to set up my new class A's. By the way, I want to set up more small polls and gadgets for your blog since it's illegal for me to have my own whole entire blog without registering it with the government.
oh your here, with the chocalte crinkles, and commenting on me leaving a comment. I love you mer!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm, crinkles are so good, suger with crunchy chocolate browny...

Megan said...

Okay, I have been wanting chocolate crinkles ever since I read that Ben was eating some!!!