Friday, February 16, 2007

Lots of Pics!

ok, here's ben in his Class A's.

i like this one a lot.

lol. this is hysterical.

my absolute favorite one!

that's my trench coat, mom.

his other new uniform -ACU's.

ben likes this one. he wanted me to put it on. (i don't like it.)

i like my trench coat, mom. :-)

i posed myself for this one. most of the ones ben did, i absolutely hated!

that's the end of the slideshow - with a running commentary even. it is so cold over here right now. but tomorrow is the library sale!!! oh, i got my electric wheelchair last week. (by the way, i named him harry, mom. :-D) the bottom is a metallic red color. you can even recline the seat a little bit. it has a head rest. yay! even a seatbelt. lol it saves me a lot of energy. the really cool part is that i can pack stuff on me and do it all in one trip. juggling like rachel rae.

ben has been in his new troop for a couple of weeks now. the bad part is he has to do PT again. he has to get up at 4:30. ugh. i hate that alarm! then he gets home at about 5:30 or 6 everyday.

he has a four day b/c of President's day so that's cool. we have been cleaning up the apartment. last night we went to the mall where i got a pink blazer. yes, mom, finally! lol then we went to Olive Garden and stayed for a couple of hours. we played twenty questions. i didn't know that that game could be so fun! y'all should give it a whirl sometime.

i have a writing school assignment i need to do. and i'm wanting to work on another story, too. (cool, i rhymed.) my goal's for this week.... keep your fingers crossed. :-D

ummm i think that is it. talk at ya later.

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