Sunday, January 28, 2007


hey! this is all i have for now. nothin' much has been happening over here lately. see, mom, we did pick the right shade for the blazer. lol doesn't he look dashing, though. i just finished those catherine palmer books, megan, so i'm all into the regency talk right now. you know how i get.

this is the Oriole i painted for mom a couple of weeks ago with my da vinci paints. they are so cool, megan! the colors are brilliant. i love them. the color is a little duller in the pic, i think. i ordered the other two colors i needed to finish the set. i'm still waiting to get them. i'm dying to paint something. i want to work on those lions i drew out months ago. i don't know. i just want to paint with my watercolors, but i also want to paint some figurines. watercolor first!!! oh, and mom, i finally got some paint on my smock you gave me. it's even orange. a nice color to begin with, i think. i feel professional wearing a smock. now i need a beret. wouldn't that be a sight?!
alright, y'all be good now.


Megan said...

Dashing. Ha ha I know what you mean Mer. That's a gorgeous bird... Love the orange. You've got lions???!!!and you haven't painted them yet??!!! PAINT THE LIONS

Adam said...

I could paint that pic but I don't want to embarass you. Pretty cool that I can sit in school, give them classwork and get online.