Friday, November 03, 2006

More Pics

I painted the bear for Seth's birthday.

Here's Ben in his flight suit.

And his normal uniform. Doesn't he look good?! I'm going to be expecting lots of comments about how good he looks so y'all better comment.... lol I am hoping to paint today. I have this Thanksgiving plaque to put on the door. It's a cornucopia, and then I'm attaching this other plaque to the bottom of it. It says something but I can't remember what. Anyway, it's something holidayey. I'm going to put it up the week of Thanksgiving. Ok. Talk to y'all later.


Megan said...

Tell Ben he looks like a G.I. Joe :D and I still wanna see pics of YOU on here Mer....glad u got it figured out!

Megan said...

Mer, You think that I am going to leave a positive comment about Commander Zort from Planet Nephron? Star Wars here we come. Wait till I tell Daniel and Aaron: good family initiation to what the Watts are REALLY like.

anyway, hope that at least you're doing ok. Don't have nightmares with King Zardon there. Late. Wattage

trace said...

as his sister i should probably say something like "he looks like a Goober" but he is handsome --ooh he'll hate me saying that!! oh well-too bad!!