Monday, November 06, 2006

Ben's new flight suit...... :-)

Look's like Darth Vader, doesn't he?

Ohhhhh. Scary....
I like him in that one even though i hate his new helmet.

Ok. There is his new uniform. Man, it looks so scary in person! It really does. I do not like it. I guess their new tactic is to scare the Iraquis away. lol Anyway, when he has the helmet on he can barely hear so when we were doing the pictures I had to yell "move a little more. it's too dark. turn a light on. etc. " and he just mumbled "uh?" It was hysterical. The neighbors probably thought we had lost our minds. Well, that I had since I was the only one yelling.

He looks like an alien, doesn't he? He said all of them want to paint teeth coming from the sides of it. Guys. :-D

I'm almost finished with Vanity Fair. Then I'm going to start For Whom the Bell Tolls. I'm hoping to paint something today. I did paint a little bit on my Thanksgiving plaque last night. Whenever I finish it I will put a pic of it up for y'all to see. That's all for now. C-ya.


trace said...

hey--those pics remind me of when Ben was little and used to dress up in crazy outfits and run around--those were the days!!

wesley page said...

r u serious? ben wears that whack uniform, haha. Yea, it looks kinda darth vaderish.. hey tell ben to google the name of the host of our old dumb fake radio show. he'll know what I'm talkin about.. ltr