Friday, September 30, 2016

Review: A Heart Most Uncertain

A Heart Most Uncertain by Melissa Jagears is the first book in the Teaville Moral Society series. I haven't read any from this author before so was pleasantly surprised with her engrossing story. Honestly, I was in a reading slump since I couldn't find anything good to read, and this book pulled me out of it and had me reading any extra minute I could find. Yay for good authors with fantastic characters!

Lydia King was challenged by her future mother in law to get a donation from Nicholas Lowe. Determined to show her that she could be a good wife and helpmeet to her son, she sallies forth to somehow convince Mr. Lowe to donate to the church's project, quilts for the poor. After being turned away again and again, Lydia finally convinces him to help her. But Nicholas has some conditions in exchange for the sewing machines....

Lydia King's character was amazing. Yes, she had things to learn, but so did Nicholas Lowe even though it surprised him. haha I loved how Lydia helped him see that there was more to helping the poor than just supplying for their physical needs but also having compassion and empathy toward their desire for beautiful things, too. Yes, serviceable items work well and you can buy more of them, but what about giving them pretty, nice things to cherish and keep. I really enjoyed this book and how Lydia grew and changed throughout the story.

I was given this book for free from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

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