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Review: The Midwife's Choice

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The Midwife's Choice by Delia Parr is the second book in the At Home in Trinity series. This series needs to be read in order because it is basically one long book. This sequel was a wonderful continuation from the first book. I really enjoy the author's way of weaving the story and showcasing the protagonist's real struggles as a mother and as a human being. She doesn't make Martha better than anyone else or the only one who can save the day. Plus, the author based the character on a midwife from that time period so that must be why the story is so powerful since it's based on real life problems and solutions.

Martha Cade is thrilled to have her daughter, Victoria, back home from New York City. But when she learns that Victoria plans on going back to the city with her protector, June Morgan, she is devastated. Has she lost her daughter because of her expectations for her? Will she be able to mend their relationship before it's too late?

Martha also has to deal with her feelings for the mayor, her first beau. Thomas wants to marry her, but Martha isn't sure their wants will be able to work together. In the midst of this new dilemma, she cares for a young lady who was beaten by her brutal husband. Will they be able to convince her that her husband isn't safe?

I loved this story! The growth of Martha amidst uncertainty was done so well, and I loved how Martha was able to help her daughter reach her potential by showering her with love and compliments. It was a powerful part of the story and showcased the importance of encouraging our children to use their talents to be who God wants them to be. I can't wait to see what happens in the next book!

I was given this book for free from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

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