Thursday, May 14, 2015

Review: Only God Can Make a Kitten

Only God Can Make a Kitten by Rhonda Gowler Green and illustrated by Laura J. Bryant is a sweet book explaining to little kids that God created all the wonders we see from little seeds to snow to you. My son loved it, and we read it twice. My son especially loved the kitten in the pictures. I loved how detailed and calm all the illustrations were.

Each page starts out with a little boy asking his mom where something came from, and the mom explaining that God made it. The illustrations match little kids personalities and make it endearing to kids and parents alike. I loved the repetition and rhyming throughout the book; it was very well done. Plus, everything about the story seemed gentle and peaceful making it the perfect bedtime story. The publisher recommends it for 4-8 year old kids, but I think it's better suited for ages 3-6. I could see 2 year olds enjoying this story, too since the rhymes on each page are short and to the point. I know my son would have been fine at that age because the illustrations are detailed and encompass the whole page. It would have helped him stay still. ;-)

I highly recommend this book. I'm always looking for books that reiterate Biblical truths in a fun, imaginative way, and I'm really pleased with our newest addition to our library. 

I was given this book free from Booklook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

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