Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Review: To Win Her Favor

To Win Her Favor is the second book in the Belle Meade Plantation series by Tamera Alexander. I loved the first book so I was super excited to read this story! As usual, the author writes beautifully and has such real characters. I loved all the complexities and stories in this book, and I could not stop reading it.

Maggie Linden loves horses and trained her mare, Bourbon Belle, from a foal. She is determined to race her one day and is convinced she will win, but with all the money problems since the war she isn't sure if her dream will ever materialize. Faced with losing the only home she has ever known and her aspirations to race her horse, Maggie tries not to let her father know how much it pains her.

Cullen McGrath came from England to buy his own land, but even in America prejudice runs strong against the Irish. Then he meets Mr. Linden, owner of Linden Downs, who strikes a hard bargain with him. Mr. Linden is persuasive and Cullen reluctantly agrees. Maggie and Cullen now have to somehow settle their differences and learn to live together. Will love ever happen?

This story was very well written, never boring, and was rich in detail. Maggie was fun to read about. She is so spirited and free! Just like her precious horse. :-) Cullen was an amazing character but seemed a bit unrealistic in parts. Even so, he was one of the best characters in the book.

There was one thing I did not like in the story. There is an arranged marriage so when they fall in love they told a little too much since they were already married I guess. It was highly uncomfortable, and I just skipped it. The story didn't need all that, and honestly I was surprised the author would put things like that in there. It's made me reevaluate whether or not I should read anymore of her books. I hope the author doesn't do it anymore because she writes wonderfully! But that's the only thing I didn't like, and the only reason it's 4 stars. The story itself is 5 stars, though.

I was given this book for free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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