Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Review: The Secret of Pembrooke Park

The Secret of Pembrooke Park by Julie Klassen is my new favorite book of hers. It has all the things I love - the Regency time period, a mystery, realistic characters, a great plot, wonderful writing, and the inability to put the story down. Lately the books I have read have made me wonder where all the great fiction ran off to, but with this story I have hope for more great books again. :-)

When Abigail Foster's family loses most of their money from a bad investment, Abigail decides to give up her dowry so her sister can still have her season in London. As she looks around for a cheaper, smaller house to rent, she begins to doubt they will find one acceptable to everyone. But then a chance comes for a nice estate to rent very cheaply. The only catch is that it hasn't been inhabited for almost twenty years and nobody will say why. When Abigail and her father arrive at Pembrooke Park, they are shocked at the state of the house. Everything is left just as it was twenty years ago even with the dishes still on the tea table. But why?

When Abigail hears the rumors swirling around of a treasure hidden somewhere in Pembrooke Park, she hopes to find it to reimburse her depleted dowry. As she settles in the house by herself, she becomes friends with William, the curate, and his sister, Leah. Abigail starts to hang out with them a lot and begins to admire the curate. But then her first love and best friend, Gilbert, visits her new neighborhood leaving Abigail confused and flustered. Gilbert seems to want to be with her, but what about William?

This story was sooo good! I loved how well everything came together at the end. So many little details you had to pay attention to with multiple stories and mysteries all swirling around the one big mystery. It was a fun read with some holding your breath moments, a little unpredictability, and some rooting for the guy you think she should have. ;-) I really liked Abigail. She is very smart, has a sweet spirit, and a lot of determination to figure out the secrets shrouding the estate. The parson was another great character. He was very giving and caring just how you would want a pastor to be. Thankfully, he wasn't at all like the parson in Pride and Prejudice. haha

If you have never read anything from this author before, definitely try this one! You won't be disappointed. :-)

I was given this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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