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Review: An Amish Christmas Quilt

An Amish Christmas Quilt

An Amish Christmas Quilt is a collection of three novellas in one book. I didn't like the first two novellas, but the last one was really good.

A Willow Ridge Christmas Pageant by Charlotte Hubbard is about widowed Mary Kauffman. She has two step children and is expecting another one. The story starts with Mary going to her aunt's house, but on the way she goes into labor. Her dog runs to a neighbor's house for help. Seth Brenneman helps Mary to the clinic so she can have her baby boy, Emmanuel. Life is better for Mary than it has been in awhile. Living with her aunt, having her little son, being away from her controlling, condemning father. Love starts growing between Mary and Seth, and she decides to make a Christmas quilt for him as a gift. Will he think it too forward of her?

A Christmas on Ice Mountain by Kelly Long is about Laurel Lapp and Matthew Beider. Their fathers have been fueding long before they were born so they have been dating more secretly than normal. Will they be able to convince their fathers to let them marry?

A Perfect Amish Christmas by Jennifer Beckstrand is about Dottie Schrock and Gid Stutzman. Dottie wants to give her mother the perfect Christmas since they couldn't celebrate last year due to the cancer. Wanting to do it all herself, she ends up hurting several people in her quest for the best Christmas. She is surprised by Gid's help and how different he is from a couple of years ago. When she gets lost on Christmas Eve, Gid is the one who finds her and helps keep her alive through the blizzard. Will she remember the true reason for Christmas?

A Willow Ridge Christmas Pageant seemed very unrealistic of the Amish. A live nativity? Not at all what I would expect from the reclusive group. I really didn't enjoy the story. They fell in love so quick, the strange pageant, and the very different group of Amish people.

A Christmas in Ice Mountain had too much sensualness making it awkward and very unenjoyable. I felt like I wasn't reading a Christian story at all! It seems like more and more you can't tell Christian from non Christian. The author did write well, and I felt like I knew and understood all the characters but didn't enjoy the story itself.

A Perfect Amish Christmas was my favorite. The story was well written with good characters and an interesting premise. It's a sweet story perfect to read around Christmas to help us all remember not to be so worried about making things perfect, but about worshipping the only perfect one, Jesus.

I was given this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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