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Review: A Match of Wits

A Match of Wits

A Match of Wits by Jen Turano is the fourth book in the Ladies of Distinction series. I thought this book was better than the last two, but I still felt her books have become way too silly and ridiculous. Since I finally got to read Agatha's story I think I am done with this author.

Agatha Watson has been traveling around the west for a year when she bumps into Zayne Beckett. Shocked to find him not only unmarried but injured and bitter, she decides that he needs help. And of course, she is the perfect person to engineer his recovery. Not only does Agatha convince Zayne to return to New York, but she goes along, too. Miss Watson's two bodyguards are not pleased, but Agatha is sick of hiding and decides that she needs to flush the person out of hiding.

Zayne is irritated that Agatha has put herself back in danger. Who has been sending out the death threats and why? As they try to figure out the mystery before someone gets hurt, will they also figure out their own complicated relationship?

This book had some pretty fun parts, but it was also filled with too many unbelievable moments. I want something that is funny but also real. The women in this series make women look stupid even though the point with these characters is that they can do everything men can do. That point is lost amidst the insane chaos scattered throughout the books. I did enjoy some of Agatha and Zayne's interactions. They were pretty fun to read. I just don't like books that use the same plot line in every story. It just makes all the characters the same which in turn makes it boring and predictable.

I was given this book free from Bethany House in exchange for an honest review.

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