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Review: The Healer's Touch

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The Healer's Touch by Lori Copeland is based around the mysterious Spooklight found in Missouri. No one knows why or how this light appears but it has been said to have been seen since the 1800s. The author crafted an easy, fun read around this light, and I'm hoping there will be another book about the sister coming up since she grabbed my interest more than the main characters. I liked the lightheartedness of the story, but I found the plot to be too unrealistic for my tastes.

Lyric Bolton and her sister have been estranged from people for as long as she can remember. Ever since her mother started having spells, the townspeople have become scared of them leaving them isolated. Lyric has raised her younger sister and taken care of her sick mother for years. Resigned to never getting married or having friends, she dreams of the day she can pack up and leave. Then maybe, just maybe, she can have a normal life.

Ian Cowley, a bounty hunter, almost caught a criminal when a crazy light suddenly appeared and spooked him and the horse so bad that the horse became uncontrollable. Running wild, the horse ran right through a barn door. Ian fell and woke up in Lyric's house with no memory of who he is. Growing up so close to all the Youngers (gang of robbers), Lyric assumes Ian is one of them. Hoping for some reward money, she saddles up and heads to the sheriff's office to look at the wanted posters.

As she helps Ian heal up, she regrets ever mentioning she had a robber on death's door to the acting sheriff. Could Ian really be a good guy or was his nice ways all an act so Lyric would release him?

I think this would be the perfect beach book. There isn't that much depth in this story, but I did like how Lyric still kept trusting in God even though she had no friends and a hard to please mama.

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