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Review: Murder Simply Brewed

Murder Simply Brewed - Vannetta Chapman

Murder Simply Brewed by Vannetta Chapman is the first book in an Amish Village Mystery. This story explores the lives of an older Englisch woman and a young Amish woman. As they try to solve the mystery surrounding the village shops, they become friends. I enjoyed reading this story, and I especially loved how you could read about the three main characters at different times during the story. It was well done and helped keep me glued to the book.

Amber Wright, the general manager of the Amish Artisan Village, is extremely happy and content with her life. Living in the little Dawdy Haus for the past twenty two years, she has everything she could ever want. Things changed one morning when she woke up to the news of a tragedy in the village. Ethan Gray, the coffee shop manager, was found dead in his store. The police ruled his death a heart attack brought on by the gunshots to his shop window. But when other small disturbances keep happening, Amber is convinced something more sinister is going on. As she teams up with young Amish employee, Hannah Troyer, she hopes that together they can find the answers before someone dies again.

Hannah Troyer loves her job at the quilt shop, but ever since Ethan's death she has had to take over at his coffee shop. Almost immediately, she starts hearing troubling news regarding Mr. Gray and begins to doubt his death was from natural causes. As Amber and her work to discover the murderer, things begin to go wrong all over the once peaceful village.

This was a simple, easy to solve mystery with great characters who learn and grow throughout the story. More than anything the writing captured my interest and had me wanting more from this author. My favorite part was the love story between Amber and Tate. It was so well written. I was surprised that the story was more about Amber than the Amish character, Hannah, because it's marketed like it is an Amish book. It was more like a regular mystery with a little Amish thrown in. It was a nice surprise, and I actually liked it more because of that. On the Christian front, it's pretty mild, but it was an enjoyable read without being too scary or dark like some suspense.

I was given this book free from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.

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