Saturday, January 11, 2014

Review: The Amish Groom

The Amish Groom by Mindy Starns Clark and Susan Meissner is the first book in The Men of Lancaster County series. I loved this story!! There were so many dynamics, and I liked the plot idea. Actually, it's the best Amish fiction book I've read in a long time. Needless to say, I can't wait for the others in the series! If you've grown tired of Amish fiction, then this is the book for you. :-) I enjoyed reading from a guy's perspective. A nice change of pace.

Tyler Anderson lived Englisch for six years, but when his Amish born and raised Mother died his dad left him with his Amish grandparents. Since his dad was in the military, he left him there for five years before coming back for him. Married. With a toddler. Feeling like they didn't really want or need him, he said he would rather stay with his grandparents. But now twelve years later he is filled with confusion and doubt about who he really is. When his dad needs his help, it's the perfect opportunity for Tyler to figure out if he is Englisch or Amish so he flies to California for a month to watch his fourteen year old brother while his parents are out of the country.

Leaving his love behind is one of the hardest things for Tyler. Rachel is already a baptized member of the church so if he finds out he is Englisch he will lose her forever. But what about his half-brother and dad? How can he make it all work out? Praying and trusting God, Tyler becomes sure of his path.

I couldn't put this book down!! Sooo good. I liked the resolution of the story. Somehow the authors wrapped it all up perfectly. Plus, they made it a satisfying ending even when I was kind of wanting a different ending. haha I highly recommend this story! If you've never read Amish fiction, this is a great one to start off with, and if you are already a fan of Amish books then you will love this story.

I was given this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


Robert Page said...

If you liked the Amish groom you will love one second after by William forstchen. Takes place in north Carolina too.

Maria said...

I looked it up, and it sounds really interesting. Thanks for letting me know! :-)