Sunday, November 10, 2013

Letter A Sensory Box

This week I've started teaching the alphabet to my son. All week I did different things with A. On the first day, I did a sensory box and kept it around all week for him to play with. I used beans, upper and lower case A's, and toys that begin with a. He absolutely loved it!! I put in some small airplanes, one block with an A on it, a couple of ants, an alligator, three little Army men, three acorns, and some letters. Whenever he found a letter, he would place it on top of the A on the block. It was so cute!

Here's the box. As you can see, I hid most of the things because he loves to dig up stuff. ;-)

So excited!

The best part of this sensory box for Josiah was the alligator! He kept feeding him beans. :-D

He's like oh, wow an army man!!

Hungry alligator...

An ant!

What. A. Cutie!!!

Searching for more stuff.

So silly. :-)

My giggling little boy. :-)

Someone is having FUN!

Sneaky face. :-D

Dumping all the beans out of the alligator!

With this activity I just sang the alphabet song a few times, and the letter song from the Leapfrog alphabet fridge magnets. (You guys know the one, I'm sure!) Actually I did those songs all week... haha Anyway, I did something small every day that incorporated A into it, and after just a couple of days he can recognize that letter! Yay!

As you can tell from the pictures, this was a big hit! I think it's because he hasn't had a bean box in awhile. :-)

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