Thursday, October 17, 2013

Space Foam Sticker Picture

Time for a foam sticker picture!! Josiah loves doing these, and he is getting even better at them. He understands to put things in their proper places like land, water, or sky and is putting them right side up most of the time. haha He is still getting there on that one. ;-)

I took out different colors of each object and let him choose the ones he wanted. It reminded me of one of his favorite books Boom Zoom which I started reciting by memory. LOL I brought out the book to better explain what we were going to do. He got so excited!! He was like this is like the story and immediately started acting it out with his stickers. :-D

Here's the book. :-)

Very intently taking the back off the sticker. Great for fine motor! It's amazing how much practice helps with fine motor. He doesn't need or want my help at all with the stickers now. :-)

So happy... It's SPACE! Ben Jr. :-D

His favorite page in the book. He wanted all the things from the book on his picture, too.

Hmm interesting...

You can tell he is having fun. :-D We decided to add some sparkles for the stars, too.

Can't forget Green Lantern!

My sweet boy. LOVE him!

Foam stickers are always a hit. Even when I'm having a bad day, I can do simple activities like this with him. In fact, it was a bad health day! haha Stickers are always fun. By the way, the last picture is his finished picture. :-)

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