Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Fall Tree

The same day Josiah painted the pumpkins, we painted a tree so we could put stickers on it and glue leaves to it's branches. Josiah helped paint this, too. I roughly outlined it and told Josiah to stay in the lines. I was surprised he did so well. He really tried to not go out of the lines! He was a big help. :-)

I don't have a picture, but while we waited for the paint to dry on the tree we painted with watercolors. That always makes my day. :-D

Now it's all dry! Time for stickers.

Adding turkeys, pumpkins, acorns, flowers...

And a car... 

Such concentration.

Giggling. :-)

All finished!!! We used real leaves and just glued them on. Anything with glue makes Josiah happy. Anyway, I had to flatten it a little with some heavy books so the leaves would hold the glue better.  

We have it hanging up in the hall. It's our fall decoration. :-)

 I saved my favorite picture for last. :-) I told you he loved making that tree! ;-) 

There you have it! Our painting adventures. :-) 

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